A leader cybersecurity company

about Expinfo

Expinfo has a wide range of expertise and skills to help you secure your cyber environment.

Expinfo can advise and assist you to build a more robust, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure. We analyse your systems to map possible risks and threats, identify vulnerabilities, and target risky behaviours. We provide a personalized action plan based on customized solutions.

For example, our services can offer a penetration test, pretending we are a malicious employee, a disgruntled provider or a professional hacker who infiltrates your business.

Protection Benefits:

Vulnerability Scans

Penetration test

Security audits

Social engineering penetration testing

Network architecture audit

Configuration or audit of firewall, switch, etc.

Training & conferences:

Train your employees on the basics of computer security

Advanced cyber security training for IT teams


Expinfo is a certified training center (N°84730202873) compliance Qualiopi

Security incident response (after cyber-attack or data breach):

Emergency response 24/7 to get your company back up and running

Search for evidence

Forensic investigation

IT expert witness and redaction of testimony for Department of Justice